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The 11th Hour

In Uncategorized on March 25, 2009 at 5:59 pm

Ladies and Gents,

Hello, welcome and thank you for visting my Blog! This entry firmly pops my blogging cherry. I feel a momentous moment coming on…ooh and it just left again!

I’m a writer (amongst other things)…i write poems, plays, essays, reports…i’ve even written a thesis. Gotta say though…this Blog thing feels really weird…I feel like i’m being watched!

Nine hours and i’ll be flying to Nairobi. Sounds crazy, eh?!

For those who don’t know, i’m about to begin a journey that traces countries of my recent cultural heritage. I’m really quite lucky in that these cultures, these countries are a really exciting and diverse combination. My mother you see was born in Kenya in 1952. Mombasa. Her father moved there from Zanzibar. Her mother, my Nani, was already born and resident in Mombasa.

My father was born in Pakistan in 1948. Karachi. When Pakistan itself was just about a year old. His family had been settled there for generations.

All strands of my family however had originally moved to these places, Karachi, Zanzibar and Mombasa, from the Kutch region in India.

So there you have it…the countries i’ll be travelling over the following months will be Kenya, Zanzibar, India and Pakistan. The lands that collectively form my roots and contribute to my cultural heritage.

And in nearly eight hours now, i fly to Nairobi, capital of Kenya, from Heathrow, in the capital of my home country, England. What’s really exciting though is that I travel to Kenya with my mother. She hasn’t returned to Kenya since the year she left for England: 1971. She was about 19 then.

I’m really excited for so many reasons. You can imagine i’m sure…but to begin this journey with my mother…that excites me the most for now. To take her back to her home country after nearly fourty years…yeah its exciting. Its her birthday too.

I want to be shown Kenya, Mombasa especially through her eyes. As i write the following my fingers stutter…My African Identity…i’m looking forward to discovering this!

I’m making a pact that i want to share out here…while you’re watching…i don’t wanna argue with my mum…not once!…she’s with me for two weeks then returns…we used to argue when i was a teenager, that was the last time i really lived with her and I know how sometimes with family it can be easy to slip into old patterns…But i’m committed to trying all i can.

Thank you to those who are reading this…my second pact is that i will be as honest as is safe and possible to be while I keep this Blog updated…if you’re gonna take the time to read this…then that’s least i can do.

I’ll upload pictures and video too…but for now…i must sleep…a little.

Speak next from Kenya…