Avaes Mohammad

Kutchi Wedding Video

In Uncategorized on September 1, 2009 at 1:56 am

When words fail we summon pictures to lyricise, to cross the t’s, dot expressionist i’s.  And so the magic, warmth and many coloured, sparkling joy created to celebrate the wedding of two brothers in Kutch was relayed through the power of still image in the previous post.  How about though…if those pictures moved?  Hmmm…I wonder!

Its amazing that I was invited and allowed to share in these festivities as though I was part of it too.  I usually feel like a spare part at weddings, unsure of where to stand, who to talk to, when to congratulate and for how long…

‘Congratulations!  I can’t believe you did it…you eh?  God!  I bet you can’t believe it yourself…what happened?  you got her pregnant or summat?…only joking!…well lets hope it all works out eh?  I mean i’m sure it will like…I  just mean…i hope it does..’

I don’t usually get invited for photographs with the happy couple.  Never quite understood why.  Anyway, i was touched at how easily the family here allowed me to feel part of the procedings and gave me free reign to point my camera lenses wherever I desired.  Through text, photos and now video i’ve tried to share just the genuine buzz and happiness everyone was feeling.  How readily people were letting their hair down Kutchi style and collectively dancing in exhuberance for the sake of something really worth celebrating:  Two people coming together as one.  Ahhh!


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