Avaes Mohammad


Avaes in England

I’ve embarked upon a journey following the countries of my direct cultural heritage.  These include Kenya: the country of my mother’s birth, Zanzibar:  where my maternal grandfather was born, Pakistan: the country of my fathers’ and paternal grandparents’ birth and also India.  India is the common denominator as it hosts the state of Kutch, where all my ancestors originally emigrated to all these places from.

The purpose of this journey is to experience the diversity that is my personal cultural heritage and to allow this experience to feed and fashion my writings as I travel.  Simple!

  1. hi there
    am having a research about zanzibar and zanzibaris.
    found difficulties in finind specific informations
    actually my research is about Zanzibar co culture in oman
    i have feew questions
    please do reply as soon as possible
    if you can help please email me i have few questions need them by tomorrow
    thanx again

  2. Hi Avaes,

    Wandering around facebook and followed the links to your blog. Incredible photos and exciting well articulated journey of discovery; amazing.

    Thank you for taking us through your adventures.

    Best Wishes,

    Mhmd Hussain

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